Silent Run

Silent Run

Slot machine test: silent run

Hold on, it goes to dive. "Silent Run" sends you not in the library, it must be particularly quiet, but under the sea. You will captain of a submarine and find yourself in the war. And as it is here, also the one or other prey should not be missing, which will make your hardships worthwhile. And because there is no shortage in "Silent Run". There are good symbols in this game developed by net entertainment, on the other hand that one or other bonus features provide extras that are beneficial to your account. For example, the torpedo bonus, with the going on enemy-hunt. A wild double Edition and can replace more than just a box. The online slot machine is graphically and perfectly decorated by the sound and allow you a few quiet hours under the sea surface. Where it's actually so quietly did not, as the title promises "Silent Run". Regardless, odds, which can look there.

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Silent run online game

The war nothing is given in a, which is also "Silent Run" so. Your mission is clear and clearly formulated: you have to spin series, which consist of the same symbols and start respectively on the left reel. A number includes at least three symbols, if she even consists of four or five identical motifs, better it is - of course for your account. Series can be made not just anywhere but must be strictly on the paylines.

"Silent Run" has to offer, which is above the average of most online slots

25 paylines. A line extends from the left to the right roll, covering five fields. Interesting is that profit lines also intersect or share also the same fields. In this way, it is possible that is a symbol of several lines. If more than one pay line in a round WINS, then the individual amounts are added simply.

The motives and meanings in the slot game silent run

First, there are a number of standard motifs, which are also found in many other slots in "Silent Run". There are letters and numbers, which have their origin in card games. Here, it should play no role but that the Q for the K for the King or the Queen stands. In any case, the symbols are relatively common, yield but still not quite as much. Extended rows are better in every case. But the image icons in "Silent Run" are even better.

Certainly not nice, but it is bombs and mines - in "Silent Run" now once as it is. And so the water bombing and mines contribute something more than the standard motifs. You make a real profit four or five rows with these symbols but also only.

The torpedoes, the ship or submarine ensure ordinary income. Thus there can increase your account several times in a round. Sometimes your bet is multiplied by factor 40.

The red lamp serves as a wild symbol. Thus, you can complete series because it acts as a wild symbol. The echo game is even a track better because it explores the environment after other wilds.

Feature in "Silent Run" is the sonar icon with which you get a bonus the echo. The sonar examined the surrounding fields to torpedoes, which you can then shoot down enemy ships. Booty guaranteed.

Slot machines instructions of silent run

If you want to play "Silent Run" online, you can get started right. Whether in test mode or real money, seeking to engage also real money. The auto start feature allows you easily to lean back - at least until your use of the torpedoes is asked. Click on the "Pay table" informing you of all important symbols and ways to win by "Silent Run".

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